The power of context: how networks resolve fundamental analytical issues in proteomics-亚热带农业生物资源保护与利用国家重点实验室
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The power of context: how networks resolve fundamental analytical issues in proteomics
2017-03-23 17:39   审核人:

报告人:Dr. Wilson Wen Bin Goh(天津大学)

Nationality: Singaporean  

2009-2013 PhD Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology, Imperial College
2007-2008 MSc (High Distinction) Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology,
Imperial College London
2001-2005 BSc (Honors 2:1) Life Sciences, University Scholars Program, National
University of Singapore
2016-Current Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Tianjin University
2014-Current Associate Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Tianjin University  

2013 Visiting Fellow, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School,
Harvard University
2010-2013 Lecturer (Part-time), Republic Polytechnic Singapore  

2016 Best Paper Award 15th APBioNet-INCOB Conference
2014 Peiyang Scholar, Tianjin University
2013 Association of British-Turkish Academics Doctoral Awards Competition
Honourable Mention Award
2011 10th APBioNet–1st ISCB-Asia Joint Conference Best Poster Award
2008-2013 Wellcome Trust PhD Scholarship – 1 of 5 awards; highly competitive graduate
2008-2013 Imperial College Overseas Research Scholarship – 1 of 2 awards; highly
competitive scholarship covering overseas fee difference for non-UK nationals
2004-2005 Agency for Science Technology and Research Pre-Graduate Scholarship –
Offered to outstanding undergraduates with minimum GPA of 4.25/5 and show exceptional promise in research and development  

1. Goh WWB*, Wong LS. Spectra-first feature analysis in clinical proteomics --- A case study in
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2. Goh WWB*. FUZZY-FISHNET: A highly reproducible protein complex-based approach for
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3. Goh WWB*, Wong LS. Evaluating feature-selection stability in next-generation proteomics.
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11. Goh WWB, Lee YH, Ramdzan Z, Chung MCM, Wong LS, Sergot MJ. A network-based
maximum link approach towards MS identifies potentially important roles for undetected
ARRB1/2 and ACTB in liver cancer progression. International Journal of Bioinformatics
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12. Goh WWB, Lee YH, Ramdzan Z, Sergot M, Chung M, Wong LS. Proteomics Signature Profiling
(PSP) – A novel contextualization approach applied towards proteomics analysis. Journal of
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pipeline for analyzing MS data – An application towards liver cancer. Journal of Proteome
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15. Wang W, Sue ACH, Goh WWB*. Null-hypothesis statistical testing in clinical proteomics:
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16. Wang W, Goh WWB*. Sample-to-sample p-value variability and its implications in
multivariate analysis. International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications,
17. Goh WWB*, Wong LS. Protein complex-based analysis is resistant to the obfuscating
consequences of batch effects --- A case study in clinical proteomics. BMC Genomics,


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